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SiteStuff Procure-to-Pay™

SiteStuff Procure-to-Pay™ Solution
Integrated purchase to pay process for real estate.

SiteStuff Procure-to-Pay combines SiteStuff Procurement and PayPlus solutions and provides an even more effective and streamlined procurement and accounts payable process. The two products working together provide an end-to-end solution from the creation of the PO to ordering the supplies to processing and paying the invoice – all without the use of a single piece of paper.

Unlike other solutions, SiteStuff Procure-to-Pay is built specifically for real estate and works with all major property management accounting systems. SiteStuff Procure-to-Pay provides a completely integrated purchase to pay process that significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to manage the procurement of commodity supplies and to manage the AP processing that are a result of those transactions. This allows clients to focus on their core business.

The SiteStuff Procure-to-Pay Value:

  • Reduces invoice processing costs
  • Eliminates copying, mailing and storing of paper invoices
  • Saves time at the property level and in central accounting
  • Efficient routing of invoices for approval and quicker payment
  • Reduces data entry, redundant processes and errors
  • Improves cycle time
  • Provides intelligent oversight of procurement and AP processes

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Highlights of the SiteStuff Procure-to-Pay™ Solution require_once:

  • Integrated purchase order, procurement and AP process
  • Completely paperless
  • Automatically codes invoices
  • Two way synchronization with CTI, JD Edwards, Intuit(MRI) and others
  • Robust approval workflow options to support dynamic process requirements
  • Online, real-time access to data